“Eight Lives” is a Science Fiction Thriller Novel. It’s the story of an Elderly Man in the future who crosses paths with Two Time Travelers from a different realm. He learns that we may not be alone in the Universe. Come Along on a Time Travel Epic like no other.

“The G.O.A.T. Samples: Roots of Hip Hop Music” is a Comprehensive History Book on the Greatest Hip Hop Samples of All Time. Learn about your Favorite Rap Artist and Producers. Along with the many songs that they sampled from. Many songs are listed across several Decades and Eras in Hip Hop.

“The Myth of Bubble Cave Land Odyssey” is a Science Fiction Adventure Novel. It’s the story of Elementary Student and Military Kid Gene Luther. Gene and his Friends explore a Top Secret Cave on the Military Base. It leads them on the Intergalactic Odyssey of a Lifetime.

“The Pillage of Black Wall Street” is a Historical Fiction Novel about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. It follows the story of a Black College Student from New York named Langston Jones. He takes a Work Opportunity and goes to Tulsa. Langston becomes one with the Community but is thrust into the Line of Fire. The Town is attacked in one of the worst Race Massacres in American History.

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