First I’d like to Thank Everyone for Supporting all of my current Projects. Your comments and feedback are appreciated. Infinity Aquarius Entertainment will be making a donation to the Tulsa Centennial Commission. After writing my Novel about Tulsa. I felt it was important to help Community in getting restitution and reparations. This injustice must be corrected in our History. Please visit the website and learn more how you can help. Again Thank You to Everyone for Supporting my Work. I’m happy to announce more Projects are on the way. Stay Tuned. Also Please Visit the Commission Website for more information.

Tulsa Race Massacre - HISTORY


It’s Official. JUNETEENTH is now an American Holiday. This day signifies Black Americans learning of their freedom from Slavery years after the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s important that Black History be told truthfully and fully. Slavery was a terrible horrific system and caused nothing but pain and suffering. Telling this History is important for creating a better future. My recent Books “The Pillage of Black Wall Street” and “Eight Lives” are both stories with Black History Themes. This Holiday Weekend let’s Celebrate Freedom and the resiliency of our Ancestors that came before us. The Fight for Justice still continues.

African American Civil War Soldiers: An Interview with John Clegg | AAIHS
Black Americans have been a part of every War in American History including The Civil War.
What did slaves do after the Emancipation Proclamation? - Quora
The Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation but it took years for the Enslaved to find out.


“The Pillage of Black Wall Street” is ON SALE NOW. Journey back 100 Years to this horrific tragedy in American History . The Story is about Langston Jones……he’s a Black College Student in New York at the turn of the 20th Century. He ends up taking a Work Opportunity and goes to Tulsa. Langston becomes one with the Community and Town of Greenwood. Out of nowhere he’s thrust in the line of fire. The Town is attacked in one of worst Race Massacres in American History. Experience this tragic story of Hope, Love, Rage, Hate and Loss.


7 MILITARY KIDS. 5 ALIEN WARRIORS. 4 FAR AWAY PLANETS. 1 MYTHICAL CAVE.  Come Along on the Intergalactic Odyssey of a Lifetime. “The Myth of Bubble Cave Land Odyssey” … ON SALE NOW. The Science Fiction Adventure follows young Elementary Student Gene Luther and his Friends. They attempt to survive a Top Secret Cave…….on a Military Base Overseas.


INFINITY AQUARIUS ENTERTAINMENT……IS OFFICIALLY ONLINE. We are a Publishing Company that focuses on various stories with Universal Themes…..told from a Black Perspective. These Stories will range across multiple Genres including Science Fiction, Thrillers, Horror, Action, Adventure, Drama and Historical. The Company will also be producing Educational Books on Music, Film and Entertainment. We hope to bring you entertaining products and unique storytelling.